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Our Passion Defines Who We Are

Imagine spending all day searching for photographers, imagine getting to know and learn from them, that sound like a dream job to you? That was what we thought as well so GO was born with the sole purpose of finding and discover amazing work by established and emerging artist, and offer their work to a worldwide audience.

Meet Mack Magagane

Photography enables one to express themselves artistically. It permits me to have subjective yet conscious opinions on certain matters surrounding our everyday lives. I find photography to have formed an imaginative realm of artistry and thinking that I can explore through imagery

Art Gone Green

Environmental friendly Art and Prints, you deserve prints of the highest quality. We also want to do our part for the environment by using the world's first fine art paper made from bamboo fibers.

230gsm Vs. 290gsm Prints

If you lay them next to each other you will notice the difference in thickness and feel of the paper. Thickness is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter), the higher the number, the thicker the paper. And as one would expect, the quality and price do tend to increase. As a comparison 120 to 140gsm is a standard weight for a good quality poster you would expect to last for a while.