Meet Mack Magagane

Mack in his own words
"I studied photography at the Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg in early 2009 and graduated amid 2010. I have fallen in love with the medium itself and constructing narratives out of the realities that are of the city of Johannesburg and my surroundings.
Mack Magagane in his own words
My work explores the urban. I try create what would seem extraordinary or unfamiliar out of the simple day-to-day encounters with the city of Johannesburg and further places. Creating subjective, intimate close to surreal narratives from my observation of the city and the activities in it.

Having created an 'elusive city'. One I wish to share with everyone. One also with the same political, economic and social issues faced not only by the city I live within today - but universal; I raise notions of it being imaginary yet real at the same time, questioning whether the city we live in is reforming and redefining itself"