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It was orbis!

Orbis, Latin for Earth, the world, the globe. Totus orbis terrarium - the whole wide world.

Orbis, Urban Dictionary - Awesome, really cool, excellent. We had such a good time; it was orbis!

We hope that you find our Gallery, or as we like to call it GO, being just that. By using the highest quality and environmental friendly material for our prints we do our little part for the coming generations to have a Orbis time all around the Orbis.

Welcome in, look around and enjoy your stay.

GO Introducing Ida Marjolijn

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GO Photography Blog

Our Passion Defines Who We Are

Imagine spending all day searching for photographers, imagine getting to know and learn from them, that sound like a dream job to you? That was what we thought as well so GO was born with the sole purpose of finding and discover amazing work by established and emerging artist, and offer their work to a worldwide audience.

Meet Mack Magagane

Photography enables one to express themselves artistically. It permits me to have subjective yet conscious opinions on certain matters surrounding our everyday lives. I find photography to have formed an imaginative realm of artistry and thinking that I can explore through imagery

Art Gone Green

Environmental friendly Art and Prints, you deserve prints of the highest quality. We also want to do our part for the environment by using the world's first fine art paper made from bamboo fibers.

Come Join Us

We are constantly looking for the next photographer to promote in our online art gallery, regardless of what type and style you prefer, be it Fine Art Photography, Landscape Photography, Black and White and so on. We will not fill our front page with 200 different artists or photos, we believe in keeping our artists front and centre, this is first and foremost our goal.

If you have not been exhibited before does not matter to us, nor can we guarantee that you will be, or for that matter become a world-famous artist. But what we can do is give you an opportunity and perhaps some advice that will give you a nudge for you to take the next step as an artist. What are you waiting for?

Send us a mail artists@galleryorbis.com tell us about yourself, and include 3 or more low resolution images. Hope to hear from you soon.


Fast, quality and accurate.

Stephen Parkes

Contacted them asking about my own photos, thanks for a fun and informative chat. Hope you will like my photos.

Ann Paiz Taylor

Delivery five to fourteen days, more like four, this I can like.

Tom F